Banif Bank takes the confidentiality of your personal data very seriously and therefore has selected some of the best security systems and technologies for its Banif@st Internet banking service.

All data exchanged within the Banif@st environment is processed in a secure session (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) and encrypted using 128 bit technology which will protect you against any attempted access by third parties.

Banif@st also makes use of an encryption process so that the information sent by you cannot be read or deciphered by anyone else except the intended recipient.

To ensure security and privacy, you will need to enter a personal username followed by your own password using a randomised virtual keyboard upon logging into the Banif@st service. The 2nd tier security comes into play when the user is required to validate larger transfers and operations using the personal confirmation key. Here the user will be required to input 4 random digits from the confirmation key. If a Banif@st user enters an incorrect password or confirmation key on consecutive occasions, the user access will be suspended.

For a more detailed overlook on Banif's Privacy Policy, please click on the link below:

Banif Privacy Policy

The Banif@st service never asks users to give their username, password and confirmation key on the same screen and users are never required to give their full confirmation key either unless they are changing it. Remember that Banif Bank never sends emails asking for usernames, passwords or confirmation keys and you are never to disclose your password and/or confirmation key to anyone else.